11045 (UL approved)
11045 (UL approved)

11045 (UL approved)

Code 11045 (UL approved)
Name Fix Liquid Level Gauge
Specification 1. Container Connection:1/4〞-M NPT
2. Supplied with Dip Tube assembled to valve
Indicate Maximum Filling Level As Specified In NFPA Pamphlet ﹟58


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  • 10 million valves/year
  • 1. Italian-made three-directional forging machine
  • 2. 200-450 tons forging equipment.
  • 3. Italy & Taiwan - Special automatic machining machines
  • 4. Switzerland - Parts processing machines


  • Burst Disc Pressure Testing
  • Leakage Testing
  • Linearity Testing 
  • Roughness Testing
  • Overhead Projector Coordinate Machine