Turbo X Professional Infrared BBQ Gas Grill
Turbo X Professional Infrared BBQ Gas Grill

Turbo X Professional Infrared BBQ Gas Grill

Powered by Propane Gas

The high penetration heat energy of infrared rays can ensure the quality of grilling and retain the original taste and moisture of the food, and the quality of the grilled meat is more delicious.
  • The patented infrared device is installed on the back panel of the vertical surface of the stove, which will not cause a large amount of oily smoke or flash of fire due to the dripping of food grease or sauce, which will cause the food to burn
  • The high efficiency of infrared can shorten the barbecue time and save energy. Compared with the general traditional gas barbecue furnace, it saves about 40% of the gas
  • Effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and contribute to environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction


As a patented invention, the Grand Hall Crossray burner system has changed the way of interaction between fire and foods for years. This revolutionary technique employs two or four vertically mounted infrared burners providing a completely uniform cooking surface. The infrared heat penetrates the food and seals in the moisture. It cooks with the intensity of charcoal but with the convenience of gas. Burners are placed beside the cooking surface, instead of under, to perfectly prevent flare-ups, smoke and food-blackening. Crossray Grilling System is simply a better, faster and healthy way to grill. Products with Crossray Grilling System: T-Grill Crossray Grill X-series Island


  • T-Grill 
  • Crossray Grill
  •  X-series Island